Gitomer tells how to attract and keep customers with value

Jeff Gitomer is best known to many as a sales guru but his message is equally important to anyone who wants to keep their customers coming back. In this short video he offers some platinum advice on attracting the right customers by offering them more value than anyone else. This is important because the more value your customer perceives in your offering, the more likely it is they will stay with you for the long term.

I especially like this video because Jeff shares his 11 (okay he calls them 10.5) ways to show value to your customer. By breaking these out he makes it easier for us to evaluate our offering and make changes needed to align it with what our customers want.

Here are Jeff’s 10.5 ways to show a customer value:

1. Ease of doing business with you
2. Ease of contact with you and anyone in your company
3. Ease of use after purchase
4. Increase in productivity for the customer
5. Availability of service when the customer needs it
6. Boost in customer morale after product or service is installed
7. Reasonably affordable and market price aligned (best value for price)
8. Additional profit to customer from use of product or service
9. Assurance to customer and perception by customer that there is a perfect fit
10. Peace of mind – assurance they have no risk in purchasing from you or using your product or service
10.5. Continued value messages to help the customer after the purchase has been made

Compare these to your list. What do you know about what your customers value? Does it match well with this list? Or are there other aspects of value your customers want addressed?

If you’re not sure then find out. Do this by talking to your customers. Only they can tell you what they value.