Gallery Furniture Succeeds with Customer Service

Here’s a new video featuring comments from Steve Salazar, of Gallery Furniture, a big furniture store in Houston, TX. I like two things about this.

First, they talk to their customers so they know what their customers think about them.  Second, it sounds like they have created a culture based on service rather than individual compensation. Steve says many of their customers comment on how well the employees take care of customer’s needs rather than focus on making sales. This is crucial. Customers want to feel their needs are more important than someone else putting money in their own pocket.

My question for Steve (or the management team at Gallery Furniture) would be what do you do with the feedback your customers give you? Obviously they keep it but who sees it? How do they act on it? And do they further engage their customers so they continue to get useful feedback? if so, how do they engage them?

Watch the video and then ask yourself, what if this were my company, instead of Gallery Furniture? What would Steve be saying about your company?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz