Funny Paternity Leave Out-of-Office Messages

Stepping out for paternity leave? Why not leave behind a chucklesome out-of-office message? Here’s how you can craft the perfect one!

Best Funny Paternity Leave Out-of-Office Messages

1. The Overconfident Dad

Hi there,

If you’re reading this, my second child has arrived, and I’m on Paternity Leave 2.0. I’m expecting zero delays in getting back to you. Why? Because my newborn will be self-sufficient, and my three-year-old will be the new house manager. But if reality hits and I don’t reply, know that I’m probably re-learning swaddling and negotiating with a toddler.

For urgent matters, contact [colleague’s name] at [email/phone]. I’ll be back by [return date]. Cheers!

2. The Social media-savvy Dad

Hi there,

I’m on paternity leave till [return date]. I’ll check emails [regularity, e.g., weekly]. For urgent stuff, reach out to [colleague’s name] at [email/phone]. And for cute baby pics, follow me on Instagram @[handle].

Best wishes!

3. The Digital Detox Dad

Hi there,

From [start date] to [end date], I’m on paternity leave. Reach out to [colleague’s name] for work stuff. I won’t be checking emails, but for personal chats, drop a line at [personal email].

See you in [return month]!

Paternity Leave Voicemail Messages

Don’t forget the callers! Here are some voicemail messages to keep them informed:

1. The Parenting Truth

“Hello! I’m on Paternity leave till April. Parenting is proving tougher than work. For assistance, contact [colleague’s name] at [phone number].”

2. The Sleep Hope

“Hi, I’m out on Paternity leave. I’ll be back by March 18, 2022. Until then, fingers crossed for some sleep. Reach [colleague’s name] for work matters.”

Paternity Leave Email Signatures

Keep it short and sweet with these email signature ideas:

  • “On Paternity leave from [start month] to [end month]. Thanks for understanding!”
  • “Blessed with a new life to nurture. Out till [end month].”
  • “Away nurturing my mini-me. Back in [end month].”

Let’s also explore some maternity leave messages.

Funny Maternity Leave Out-of-Office Messages

1. The Oven Analogy


I’m currently baking a baby, and the expected cook time is till [due date]. For work concerns, contact [colleague’s name] at [email].

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

2. The Blame Game

Good Day!

I’m on maternity leave, and if you’re wondering why, you can blame my husband, Harvey. For work emergencies, he’s your guy at [contact].

See you post-baby!

3. The Pee & Fart Humor

Greetings of Pees and Farts!

I’m on maternity leave due to uncontrollable bodily functions. For work, contact [colleague’s name] at [email].

Yours in anticipation, [Your Name]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why add humor to out-of-office messages during paternity or maternity leave?

Humor not only brings a smile but also makes the message memorable. It offers a light-hearted way to convey your temporary absence and can create a more personal connection with the recipient, making them more understanding of your unavailability.

2. Is it essential to mention a colleague’s contact in the out-of-office message?

While not mandatory, mentioning an alternate contact ensures that urgent matters are addressed in your absence. It provides clarity to the sender about whom to approach and ensures a seamless flow of communication.

3. How often should I update my out-of-office message during my leave?

Ideally, set the out-of-office message at the start of your leave, clearly stating the return date. If there are any changes in your return date or other details, consider updating the message accordingly. However, if your leave period and return date are fixed, a one-time setup should suffice.


Whether it’s paternity or maternity leave, a sprinkle of humor can make your out-of-office messages memorable. So, go ahead and spread some smiles while you’re away!

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