Freeziac brings customers back with fun experience

A favorite place for my wife and I to go on weekends is the Mall of America (or as we like to call it: “MOA”). Though I’m not much for shopping malls (probably because I’m not much for shopping) I always enjoy MOA. Being there feels like being on vacation: It’s crowded, expensive and it’s all about shopping, eating and being entertained.

More than any other shopping mall, the Mall of America is about designed to deliver an experience to its customers.

One of their newest businesses does that very well. In fact they do it so well they have lured me away from a competitor (also in the Mall) I have been buying from for years. It only took one experience for me to abandon my former vendor and pledge my consumer allegiance to this MOA newbie.

It’s called Freeziac. And it rocks the frozen yogurt world.

Freeziac was able to steal my frozen yogurt loyalty away from their MOA competition easily by doing one thing very well. They gave me a fun experience.  And it’s not like they have loud music, dancers, jugglers and a 24/7 party going on. In fact, it’s a quiet and subdued place. But they have designed it so the customer is in charge and fully immersed in their frozen yogurt experience.

The big difference between Freeziac and the other froyo vendors is, at Freeziac, you get to do it yourself.

There are no lurking employees. Just a clean, hip space equipped with all the tools you need to build yourself a custom (and delicious) frozen yogurt delight. You get to pull the handle to release the creamy goodness into your dish (like pulling a slot machine handle except you win every time) . You pick which toppings (and how much) to add. There are no limits and no rules. You can build it however you want.

Maybe what I like best about Freeziac is that I get to be an active part. Rather than stand there and get served, I am hip-deep in the creation of my treat. I’m engaged and in control.

As a customer, that’s a big deal. That makes it memorable and desirable. And it makes it much more likely I will come back and tell others to try it.

How active and engaged are your customers? Does your customer experience put them in the driver’s seat?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz