Ford raps the competition with a surprising customer experience

A powerful way to increase customer loyalty is to give your customers a positive and memorable experience. Some days it’s easy. Just be nice, attentive, listen well and be helpful. But other times you might break out of your comfort zone and give your customers something they’ve never seen before.

This Ford dealer clearly went beyond the usual and expected when they decided to treat their customers to the “A-B-C’s of the Ford Focus”.

It’s not something every business would do. And it might even annoy some customers. But you have to give them credit for trying.

What could you and your team do to offer a better, more memorable experience? I’m not suggesting you sing to your customers but there are ways to make their experience better.

If you’re unsure, observe what other companies do – both in and out of your industry. And ask your customers what they think would create a better experience. Then have regular creativity and brainstorming sessions to develop fresh new ideas. Make this  a regular thing so you’re constantly evaluating the experience you deliver your customers.

Then watch your customer loyalty go through the roof!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz