For More Loyal Customers, Manage Your Points of Experience

Our companies are created by every action taken by employees. These actions create Points of Experience (POE). Every POE creates an experience for our customers. The sum total of all POEs is our company. It’s how people see us and what they think about us. It’s our reputation, our image and our brand. It’s the reason people do business with us the first time and every time after.

Remember, POEs don’t JUST come from interactions with employees. They also come from web sites, advertising, and other people. When our customers talk about our company, they are creating a POE.

Every POE creates a judgment or conclusion for a customer. As a result, they conclude one of two things:

1. They like our company (because they had a positive POE)
2. They dislike our company (because they had a negative POE)
3. They are indifferent (because they had a neutral POE)

To keep our customers coming back, we need to create positive POE’s every time. To do this the company needs to have the value that says “I care” and actions that say “I serve”.  If your company’s core values include caring and serving then the actions of people in your company will reflect this. And you’ll create points of experience that customers like.

What are your company’s points of experience? When and where and how do they happen? More importantly, what do your customers think about them? How do you know?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz