For better customer service: Treat everyone well

Here is your Daily Dose of Amazing Service:

Treat everyone well

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

If you want to improve your customer service, start with the next person you have contact with. Whether they are a customer, a vendor, a salesman or your mother-in-law, treat that person well. Then do it again with the next person. And so on.

I know this sounds like common sense. But if people’s actions are any indicator, it’s not. Every week I see examples of companies where people treat others differently based on who they are. New customers get a friendly greeting with a warm smile. Others get ignored.

As a customer, when I see this, it repulses me. It tells me the company does not care about people. They care about money. Which means they’ll help me only to get my money. The problem with this is they won’t put your needs first. Their focus and efforts will be to get you to buy something, regardless of whether it helps you accomplish what you want. And that’s not a sustainable business model.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz