For better customer service, pretend you’re an eye doctor

Think of the last time you had your eyes examined. At some point, your eye doctor (or optometrist) probably asked you to read some letters on an eye chart. If you wear glasses or contacts, you got to look through a lot of different lenses. This typically involves you comparing two different lenses against each other. He or she asks you which of the two is clearer.

For this process to work, you get asked a lot of questions. And you give a lot of feedback. Without your feedback there is no way your eye doctor can give you a complete description of your eye health. In this business, it’s understood there will be a lot of back and forth communication between you.

This is where too many organizations drop the ball.

Whether we are owners, managers or employees, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know what the customer wants. We know why they are here. We know how to help them.

But without effective communication we don’t know. And we can’t help them effectively.

If you fail to connect with your customer, you’ll never have the information you need to help them. And if you don’t help them, you’ll lose them. Because customers come to us to accomplish something. They want our help, not assumptions or arrogance.

Pay attention to how you and your colleagues communicate with your customers. Do you get enough information to help them get what they want? Or could you improve? How much would your company benefit if there were more information exchanged between you and your customers.?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz