For better customer service, pay attention to details

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Pay attention to details

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

Not every customer cares about the little things. But some do. In fact, depending on your business and market, it could be that the majority of your customers do.

For example, my experience at hotels is most of them (at least those under 4 stars) forget about little yet obvious details. Things like burned out light bulbs, a TV remote that does not work, a tub that drains slowly or a non-smoking room that smells like smoke. These are simple things to detect and fix. These are things we expect to be fixed before we check into our room. If they’re not, they create a negative and memorable experience. One that might stick and get shared.

Think about the little, seemingly insignificant things your customers experience that can create negative and memorable experiences. To do this pretend you’re a customer. Or talk to a customer. Then ask yourself, can these little details be fixed. And if they were how would that affect the experience you give your customers?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz