Every Contact Counts

Amazing Customer Service Rule #18

Every customer contact counts

What your customer perceives about your company is what determines whether they will stay with you. And their perception is built one contact at a time. Even one bad experience can taint their perception of your company and how you do things.

Every contact a customer has with your company delivers an experience and creates an impression. It could be a phone call, an in person visit or a look at your company website. Contact also comes from third parties. When one customer tell someone else what’s it’s like to do business with your company, that creates an impression about your company. That’s a contact just like any other.

To make every contact count your company needs to be consistent. Every action of every person in your company needs to be focused on serving your customers so well they back and they tell others. Do everything you can to make sure every contact with every customer is a great one – do this every time with no exceptions and no excuses!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz