Make the entire experience amazing

Here is your Daily Dose of Amazing Service:

Make the entire experience amazing

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

We were dining with friends recently at a well-known BBQ chain. After we were seated we waited an uncommonly long time before a server appeared at our table.  The whole time we were waiting, we were surrounded by restaurant employees cleaning off tables and doing other things. Yet none of them made eye contact with us. We were invisible to them.

But as we left we were treated to a chorus of “goodbyes”. For some reason, we became visible again (to the same people who ignored us earlier) only when we finished our meal and left.

The message they sent was they didn’t want us there and were happy to have us leave. Maybe that’s not what they intended. But it’s what came through. What they didn’t do for us overshadowed what they did.

Make sure your customers get a complete and consistently amazing  experience. If it’s up and down throughout their interaction with you, what they’ll remember (and talk about) is the ugly part. They’ll forget anything good you did and they’ll have less reason to return.