Engage Your Customers by Having Fun

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Engage your customers by having fun

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

We’re hearing more and more about customer engagement as a way to increase customer retention. That’s good. Because if we engage our customers better then we’ll develop stronger relationships with them. We’ll know more about how we can help them. They’ll be more likely to trust us and know we’re in business to help them. It can create a win-win situation.

The good news is engaging our customers is easy. You don’t need surveys or polls or complicated, structured situations. Start by enjoying your job and including your customers.Turn routine aspect of your job into opportunities to include your customers. And make them fun interactions. For a great example click here to see a video of how one employee does this very well.

What’s one way you can have fun with your customers (and still do your job well)? Think about this on your own. Then get together with your co-workers and share your ideas. Make it a brainstorming session. Then pick a couple ideas and try them next week. Let me know how it works!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz