Don’t Let Automatic Customers Become Invisible Customers


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Don’t let automatic customers become invisible customers

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

At some point we are all automatic customers. Whether it’s a fitness club membership, an insurance policy, a banking relationship or a cell phone account, we all have companies that expect us to show up every month.  Whether by contract or inertia, we continue to do business with them every month until we take action to stop.

It’s easy to let automatic customers become invisible customers. Because the customer has to take action to leave, it’s often easier for them stay. So we count on them being there month after month.  But this can lead to existing customers getting less time and attention than they should. They can get ignored. They can become invisible.

This happens when companies focus more on attracting new customers and keeping those who want to cancel, than they do on serving their existing customers.

One way to spot this is by looking at how often you connect with existing customers compared to new potential customers and those who want to cancel. Who gets most of your attention?

Another is by the words used in your company. If the terms “customer acquisition” and “customer retention” get more airtime than “customer service” then you might be making your automatic customers invisible.

Who gets the higher priority in your company?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz