Don’t hide important information

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Don’t hide important information

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

I had a document to print and I wanted it spiral bound for easier reading. So I pointed my web browser to Fedex Kinko’s to get pricing before I went to their nearby store to do the printing. What I found amazed me. Actually, what I DID NOT FIND amazed me. Nowhere did I find copy or printing prices on their web site.

So I went to Google.  (When all else fails, call on Google!)

Still, I had no luck finding printing prices for Fedex Kinko’s (or OfficeMax) but I did find something sadly amusing. This blog post was written by another frustrated surfer looking for the same thing. (She never found it either.) What’s funny is how many other people found this blog post (and commented about it) when they were looking for FedEx Kinko’s printing prices.

Think of all the potential customers Fedex Kinko’s has driven away because they make it hard to get pricing for something as simple as copies.  And it does not have to be this way. Because I went to and got a price quote in under 60 seconds. (It was a very good price quote too!).

People generally like to know what the price is BEFORE they make a buying decision. When you withhold that information you’ll lose some and you’ll irritate others. What you won’t do is build customer loyalty.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz