Try not to go overboard for your customers

Here is your Daily Dose of Amazing Service:

Don’t go overboard for your customers.

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

This might sound contrary to what we’re all about here in the land of Amazing Service. But it’s not. Because if you go too far in trying to serve your customers, you can actually drive them away.

This video puts a funny spin on how customers might respond to someone who goes overboard. It’s not the response you want if you’re looking for more loyal customers.

Going overboard means doing too much. It means you’re not sure of what your customers really want so you throw everything but the kitchen sink at them. But instead of attracting this it overwhelms and repels them.

There’s a difference between going the extra mile and going overboard. In your role, know where those boundaries are and make sure you do the first often and the latter seldom (if ever).

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz