Do What You Love

Every once in a while I’ll hear certain colleagues of mine complain about their 9 – 5 schedules from Monday – Friday. I believe that everyone has to love their job to truly be happy in life.

I reached out to a good friend of mine for a comment about his job and how he feels about it. His name is Sergio, he’s the owner of Your House Fitness.  Your House Fitness focuses on in-home, condo, and studio personal training in Ontario, Canada. Sergio tries to recruit the best personal trainers in Toronto, personal trainers in Mississauga, personal trainers in Etobicoke, personal trainers in Oakville and across Ontario. He’s trying to expand to expand to personal trainer Winnipeg.

Sergio says ” he loves to work Monday thru Sunday, times vary from 4:30 am to 8 pm finish times. He says he does a minimum of a 70-hour workload. He says ” I love my job and helping people out. I also enjoy developing trainers and coaching them. There’s always up’s and downs. But, it’s always going to be this way when you own your own business. It’s about learning from experiences.”

Sergio believes in bringing new services every year to the table to increase customer retention. Sergio added on 2018 a nutrition counselling and meal planning service to the training packages 100% complimentary upon buying a package! Mid-year he added fascial stretch therapy ( which is basically someone else stretching you out to relieve tension). Finally, he provides videos series such as dynamic stretching video series. He loves his job and would never hate on it a day of his life.

The also show exercises such as the dumbbell deadlift and give out different types of foods to eat like the spaghetti squash!

So remember, do what you love, love what you do. If you feel you don’t love what you do, figure it out and take control of making a positive change. Customers know when someone loves what they do!

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