When do you dim your lights?

You’re driving down a dark road at night. There are no street lights so you have your bright lights (high beams) on. Without them you wouldn’t be able to see clearly enough to drive safely.

Another car approaches you from the opposite direction. They get closer and closer. Soon it’s as if they’re right in front of you. Then in an instant they pass by you and they are gone.

As this happened you probably did one of these three things:

1. You left your bright lights on the entire time (you never dimmed them).

2. You dimmed them as soon as you saw the other car approaching you (so their vision wouldn’t be obscured by your bright lights.)

3. You dimmed your lights after they “flashed” you with their brights (a common way to let oncoming drivers know they should dim their lights).

Which one fits you? (Be honest!)

I mention this because it’s an easy scenario for most of us to imagine. Most of us have been a driver or a passenger in this situation. And we know what it’s like to get temporarily blinded by someone who never dims their lights as they pass us.

It’s annoying. And it’s so simple to prevent.

But people do it every day. They do it because they never think about the other person. They’re so focused on themselves they forget their actions have an impact on others.

Now, pretend the person in the oncoming car is your customer. And your job is to pay attention to them and help them have a great experience. Because they are your customer.

When would you dim your lights?