Customer Service Training Tool kit

Create and deliver great customer service training in less time and for less money

The Customer Service Training Tool Kit contains 40 activities designed to make customer service training more fun, engaging, and behavior-changing for customer service reps. Trainers can use group activities, role plays, questionnaires, and other exercises “as is” in 30-60 minute training modules or combine them to create longer training programs.

The book is full of reproducible participant handouts, worksheets, questionnaires, and overhead masters to make the trainer’s job easy. Trainers who, as part of their customer training program, want to give to each participant a brief, motivational handbook reinforcing many of the ideas behind the training activities can obtain copies of the authors’ accompanying book, Super service, The Customer Service Training Tool Kit makes it easy for a trainer to design and deliver great customer service training at a fraction of the time it would take to develop a program from scratch.

Many companies are investing more to improve their  customer feedback management systems. A critical part of making customer feedback work better is to train your customer facing employees so they can be an effective part of your overall customer loyalty process. That’s where this book and it’s tips and tactics can help.

This book has 300 pages packed full of tools, tips and road-tested activities to help you plan and conduct high-impact customer service training. No wonder it’s received multiple five-star reviews on Amazon.

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