Customer Service Toolkit Now Available

Customer Service Toolkit Now Available
I have published a free resource useful for anyone who wants to improve customer service in their organization. It’s called:

“The Amazing Customer Service Toolkit” and you can download it here for no charge.

It contains advice and ideas for people to understand their customers better so they can offer better service than their competition.

I developed the resource to fill a gap that currently exists in customer service training materials. Most customer service books and programs focus on either management or employees but usually not both. This resource is useful for both management as well as front-line staff. I designed it to address issues and challenges they both face in their jobs.

The resource is being offered at no charge so more people can benefit. In the challenging economy we’re facing, not every company can afford to hire an outside expert. This resource brings customer service training expertise to any organization that wants it for free.

Please download this and take a look. And share it with your friends and colleagues.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz