Why customer service matters in SEO and Internet marketing

My work focuses a little on getting new customers and a lot on getting them to come back. I believe the best marketing comes from running your business so well, people have a great experience so they come back and they tell others.

Recently, I received an email from my friends at the Village Hat Shop. In the email was a note about an article that explained search engine optimization (SEO) in terms anyone can understand. I clicked over to the article and took a look.

What I saw impressed me (a lot).

It impressed me because the author (Fred Belinsky) nailed it. And he nailed it without any discussion of keyword optimization or all the other technical tips and tactics you typically see in SEO related articles. Fred’s advice is all about building a great business that is represented by a great website.

In Fred’s words:

“…It has everything to do with good products, competitive prices, responding to the needs of your customers, good communication with customers/employees/vendors, flexibility, treating employees well (among other reasons, as a model for how you want your staff to treat your customers), fair policies…

He finishes by advising people to be patient. Let your great business speak for itself. If you do things well, people will find out.

In the old days, as the cliche goes, you could build a better mousetrap and the world would beat a path to your door. Then, for many years, “they” told us you needed to go to great lengths telling people about your better mousetrap (because they wouldn’t find it on their own.)

Now, in the early years of the 21st Century, things are changing. You still need the better mousetrap. But you also need to serve your customers the way they want to be served better than anyone else. You’re selling much more than just a mousetrap. And, because of how our world has changed, if you do this consistently, many people will find you.

The Internet has changed the equation.

Fred’s article is a great example of how and why this is true. So take a look at it. Then think about how you can make your business better. How can you give your customers what they want, how they want it, when they want it, in a way that works for your business. How can you serve your customers so well they keep coming back, and they tell others to join them?

When you do that, the Internet will send you all the customers you can handle.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz