Amazing Customer Service Resource: Alltop

This week’s Amazing Customer Service Resource is as useful as it is fun.  It’s the brainchild of Guy Kawsaki and it keeps getting better:

Alltop – Customer Service

Alltop’s reason for being is best explained by this quote:

“It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” – Clay Shirky

We all have too much information coming at us. We need better ways to manage it. Filters like Alltop are a way to do that.  They manually select certain websites (blog and other media/information sites) to be displayed by their pages. Then they show headlines from the five most recent articles from site.

Here’s how it looks:

This layout enables you to scan a lot of customer service headlines quickly. See something you like? Just click and you can either read it right there using the popup bubble. Or click through the the website or blog.

It also has some customization features called MyAlltop.

I like this because it delivers useful, relevant information to us in a fast and convenient way. It helps us filter better so we can avoid information overload.

If you haven’t yet tried Alltop Customer Service, take a moment and check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz