Customer Service Manual & Guide for Training Workshops

This complete customer service raining guide saves you time and money while helping your organization improve customer service faster

Do you want to improve customer service in your organization?

This complete customer service training manual and course will help you attract and keep more customers by helping you raise the quality and consistency of customer service across your team. It’s full of  tools, tips and tactics your team can use to deliver Amazing Customer Service to every customer every time.

It was created to offer an affordable and convenient way for teams like yours to benefit from customer service improvement without spending a lot of money or time. It’s full of proven skill-building and motivational ideas and concepts to help your staff improve customer service quickly.

Here’s a sample of what your team will learn:

•    What it means to exceed customer expectations
•    Why customer loyalty is critical to a healthy and sustainable business
•    The three components of customer loyalty
•    Three key tools to discover what your customers want
•    How to give your customers the right experience
•    A secret to staying motivated no matter what the situation
•    How to make Amazing customer service a priority
•    A system to stay prepared so you can handle almost any customer need

This customer service training course offers specific ideas, tools, tips and tactics to help every employee in your company deliver Am

This package includes everything you need to conduct your own Amazing Service Workshop and improve customer service starting now!
azing Customer Service to every customer every time.

This  “seminar in  a box” will enable you to conduct your own on-site customer service workshop using professional content, at a fraction of the cost of bringing in a professional.

Here’s what’s included:

*Trainer’s Guide / Manual (57 pages)
*PowerPoint Slides
*Action Items
*Suggested Activities
*Learning Objectives
*Content Outline
*Lecture Notes
*Trainer’s Notes

Everything you need to conduct your own Amazing Customer Service workshop!

Comments from companies who have used this seminar

100% money back guarantee

“We used this for an in-house training for our call center team. The material was very helpful and kept peoples attention. I liked all the examples in the course. It made it easy for us (we are not professional trainers) to do affordable customer service training for our small team. “

-Credit Union

“Our company intended on hiring a customer service trainer to come in and train our employees. But management balked at the cost so were stuck. Then an employee found this do-it-yourself program and it worked for us. Very cost effective and all the training material right there so we didn;t have to create it ourselves.”

-Manufacturing Company

Note: This Customer Service Training Manual is licensed only for internal use in your organization. It is not licensed for public or fee-based seminars. Nor can it be reproduced online or in any public forum or setting.

Includes 100% full 30-day money-back guarantee.

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