Customer Service Carnivale: May 25, 2009

This week I am (once again) hosting the Customer Service Carnivale. And, because it’s Memorial Day, here’s a hat tip to the nice people at Jackpine Java in Park Rapids, MN for providing fast, reliable coffee and strong, tasty Wifi. Without them I’d be doing this via dial-up from a cabin. Not a pleasant thought!

The Customer Service Carnivale happens about every two weeks. You can find out more here .

Silicon Valley Blogger (from The Digerati Life) shares some thoughts on how an online stock broker is attracting more customers by offering award winning customer service.

ks (at One Family’s Blog) tells a tale of customer experience and how it led to more customer loyalty for Southwest Airlines.

Maria Palma (at P2P) blogs about how customer loyalty starts at the top of an organization (and I agree).

And, finally, I talk about how to increase customer loyalty by managing your customer’s points of experience.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their customer service posts this time and thanks for reading.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz