Customer Service Book: More Loyal Customers

No matter what the economy is like you can have more customers coming back and increase customer referrals without spending a fortune. And you can get started right away with this book.

More Loyal Customers contains 21 real world proven tools to help you increase customer retention by improving customer service. These tips, tools, ideas and rules have been used by hundreds of companies to grow revenue and profits by creating more loyal customers.

If you want to grow your company, the best way to start is by increasing customer loyalty. According to one study, a 5% growth in customer loyalty can lead to a growth in profits of anywhere from 25% to 95%. Numerous studies have shown you can keep existing customers for a fraction of the cost of acquiring new ones. So increasing customer loyalty makes sense.

This customer service manual gives you real-world examples, tips, tools and advice on how to get started. It’s fast-reading but packed full of valuable ideas and suggestions you can use right away.

Here are some examples of what you’ll learn from this customer service book:

* The most important thing you can do to get customers coming back.
* Six powerful steps to deliver great customer service.
* How to create customer evangelists for your company.
* What your customers really want.

Now these tools are available to you in this valuable customer service guide. Buy this customer service book now, read it today and you could be on your way to increased customer loyalty tomorrow!

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Winner of Dan Janal’s Cool Book of the Day Award


“Kevin Stirtz has delivered an amazingly practical book on customer service called “More Loyal Customers” with 21 real world customer service lessons. It’s the kind of book I love – it’s practical, easy
to read and broadly applicable to many areas of life and business. You should keep it on your desk at all times for easy reference and inspiration.”

-Jan Vinsser
CEO and Co-Editor, Sales Team Tools

“This book by customer loyalty expert Kevin Stirtz is a short read packed with a powerful punch. Kevin’s 21 real world lessons in creating more loyal customers can be easily implemented in your business.

In every chapter you’ll find a great tidbit that will make you whack yourself on the forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The practicality of these tips is what makes this book so great.

If you want your customers to be more loyal to your business, pick up your copy and put it into action today. “

-Denise O’Berry
Author of “Small Business Cash Flow” (

“This is not just a ‘how to’ book, it’s a book that explains why it works and how it works. The stories Kevin Stirtz tells share his experience and his successes thereby making him an expert in his field.

The couple of hours it takes to read this book makes it worth the while. This is a must read for anyone wanting loyal customers.”

-Wendi Moore-Buysse
Author of “Open Up and Fly” and “Shifting Gears”
President, Wendi Moore Agency LLC

What I like about this book is it’s practical – you can read it today and employ ideas in your own business tomorrow. So many books of this type are heavy on strategy, but light on tactical ideas to improve service. Kevin strikes a nice balance between the two.

-Jim Logan
Award winning blogger and consultant

I believe the book has value to three types of people. First, If you’re a senior manager who wants to improve your company’s customer service, use the 21 lessons as a checklist to compare your practices against Kevin’s suggestions.Then close the gaps.

Second, every retailer ought to have a copy in their stores for new employees. Give them a week to read it at work as part of their training. Then ask them how they will incorporate these lessons into their behavior.

Third, I could have used this book when I first became a retail manager.If you know someone just embarking on their management journey, this book will be useful to them. Even if they don’t like to read “business”‘ books, this book is short enough to keep their attention.

-Glenn Ross
Author of “Customer Service Experience” at

I just finished reading Kevin’s latest book, More Loyal Customers: 21 Real World Lessons to Keep Your Customers Coming Back. As the subtitle suggests, Kevin’s advice is real-world. The book is easy-to-read and easy-to-apply.

-Dr. Mike Beitler
Author of “Strategic Organizational Change” (