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Contributors has almost 1000 articles and other resources all focused on helping you increase customer loyalty by improving customer service. Here are the wonderful people who have made this resource possible.

Jeanne Bliss

After 25 years as the Customer Experience Executive in five major US Corporations, Jeanne founded CustomerBliss in order to create clarity and an actionable path for driving the “customer focus” commitment into business operations. CustomerBLISS helps leaders and their companies transform thinking by bringing the silo-based operations together to understand the customer perspective. What you’ll get is straight talk, no-holds-barred feedback on what’s getting in your way and field-tested approaches for engaging your organization.


Steve Curtin

Steve works with organizations to identify ways to transform routine and ordinary customer transactions into unique and memorable customer service experiences. Learn more at


Kristina Evey

Kristina is a professional speaker and educator in all areas of Customer Service. Her presentations actively engage all participants to afford them the experience to carry through in their own customer interactions.


Mark Henson

Mark Henson is the chief imagination officer at sparkspace, the most exciting retreat center on the planet.


Bill Hogg

Bill is recognized as the Performance ExceleratorTM because of his uncanny ability to create profound change and deliver extraordinary results with the most demanding organizations. He works with senior leaders to inspire and develop high-performance teams that deliver exceptional customer service, higher productivity and improved profits. You can connect with Bill online at, Facebook, Twitter or email: bill [at] billhogg [dot] ca


Dennis Snow

Dennis Snow is a business author, speaker, and consultant who helps organizations develop world-class customer service. His newest book is, “Lessons From the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life” (DC Press). Dennis can be reached at, or at 407.294.1855.


Kevin Stirtz

Kevin Stirtz is the Amazing Service Guy, a speaker, trainer and consultant who helps organizations improve customer loyalty by delivering Amazing Customer Service. His recent book: “More Loyal Customers” has won 5 star reviews at Kevin lives in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul).


Jim Logan

Jim Logan is a consultant and writer who helps people create more leads, close more sales and nurture lifelong customers.


Becky Carroll

Becky is founder of Customers Rock!/Petra Consulting Group, a consultancy focused on engaging customers through conversation, social media, and “WOW” customer experiences. Her client roster includes several Fortune 100 companies such as Electronic Arts, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, and Ford in addition to top executives, small businesses and non-profits.


Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz is a customer service maniac. He writes and speaks about customers service. His latest book is: “BAM! Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World”.


Lisa Ford

Lisa Ford is a speaker with over 20 years of experience presenting to businesses, associations and government. She speaks throughout the United States and internationally on topics of customer service, leadership, team issues and change. Lisa is best known for her work in the areas of customer service. She is the author of the videotape series How to Give Exceptional Customer Service, the #1 selling business tapes in the U.S. for over 3 years. Her other videos and audiotapes include: Developing a Customer Retention Program, Building a Customer Driven Organization: The Manager’s Role and Personal Power. Her recent book is Exceptional Customer Service – Going Beyond Good Service to Exceed the Customer’s Expectations.


Ray Miller

Ray is the Managing Partner of The Training Bank and the author of several books including That’s Customer Focus!. For over 20 years Ray has worked with a wide variety of organizations around the world to help them achieve greater customer focus. In addition to his books, Ray has also authored several highly effective customer focus training programs including Customer-Focused Leadership, Customers Forever and The Wow Factor. To find out more about Ray, his Company and his books, please visit our web sites.


Dave Thackeray

Dave Thackeray runs Word And Mouth, a creative communications consultancy offering SMEs inexpensive ways to generate new business and develop existing relationships.


Greta Schulz

Greta Schulz is president of Proactive Training and Consulting in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is the author of “To Sell is Not to Sell” and a columnist for business journals around the country. She has an on-line training course at her website.


Chip Bell

Chip R. Bell is a senior partner with The Chip Bell Group and manages their office near Dallas, Texas. Prior to starting CBG in 1980, he was Director of Management and Organization Development for NCNB (now Bank of America). He is the author of several best-selling books on customer loyalty. He has appeared on CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and his work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and Business Week.


Marilyn Suttle

Marilyn Suttle is the co-author of the best-selling customer service book, “Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan.” She is president of Suttle Enterprises, a personal and professional growth training firm through which she has taught thousands across the country how to have happier, more productive relationships with customers, coworkers, and even their children. You can reach Marilyn at Marilyn[at]MarilynSuttle[dot]com


Laurie Brown

Laurie Brown is a speaker, author and trainer who helps individuals, associations and companies improve their sales, customer service and presentation skills.

Website: http://thedifference.netd

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz