Connect with your customers

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Connect with your customers

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

Recently I reached out indirectly to several large companies. As a customer I’ve had less than desirable experiences and I wanted to let them know. But neither of them make it easy to offer feedback. A visit to each of their websites reveals no quick and convenient way to communicate. No phone numbers, no email address and no “Contact Us” links, buttons or forms. So I delivered my message using Twitter and other social media (because it’s convenient for me). Neither responded. So, from my perspective they either didn’t hear me or they don’t care. Either way, I feel like an invisible customer.

Both these companies have a lot of competitors for my business. By making it difficult for me to connect and ignoring my attempts to communicate, they risk losing me as a customer. No matter how good their products or services are they are putting my customer loyalty at risk by failing to connect with me. This is a vital part of the Customer Loyalty Formula. No matter what business you’re in you need to connect with your customers or you’ll give them a reason to leave.

How are your customers able to connect with your company? Can they call and get a real person easily? Can they email someone and get a human response? Can they reach you through Twitter? Is it easy and convenient for your customers to make direct human contact with someone at your company? If so great! If not, why? And how can you change it?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz