Communications Companies Failing at Communicating with Customers

Communications Companies Failing at Communicating with Customers
 Here’s an interesting note from MarketWatch. They report that almost two-thirds of telecommunications companies in North America fail to respond to customer requests within 24 hours.

In a recent survey released by eGain Communications Corp., they found that 20% of communications companies (cable, telcos, satellite TV/radio and mobile phone) failed to offer any response to inquiries from customers. Another 45% did not respond within 24 hours.

This survey was done using email communications.

In a sector that is getting beat down by customer churn, you’d think they’d score a little better in their responsiveness to customers. It makes me wonder what how they are allocating their resources. As a consumer, I see their advertising so clearly, they’re spending money on new customer acquisition.

But what are they doing to keep these customers?

One more thought. This would seem to be a golden opportunity for some communications company to break from the ranks and become known for their amazing customer service.

What’s your experience with cable, telephone, mobile or satellite companies? Does it mirror this survey or is it better?