Chicago Blackhawks Beef Up Customer Service with Better Fan Feedback

Chicago Blackhawks Beef Up Customer Service with Better Fan Feedback
The Chicago Blackhawks are all about customer service. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. No doubt they’re more excited about winning hockey games and getting a slot in the NHL playoffs.

But they are on record as saying customer service is important to them. So important, in fact, they have beefed up their efforts to engage their fans.

The NHL website reports (today) that the Chicago Blackhawks franchise has launched:

“The ‘Fan’s Voice’ program which is geared toward providing customers with the best possible overall fan experience at the United Center.”

The news report says this is an elevated effort by the team “to promote active feedback from fans” and that the new program “incorporates existing fans into the feedback process. “

While I’m sure other professional sports teams work hard to get fans engaged, it’s nice to see a team bragging about it. This shows even sports teams understand the value of getting customers engaged in their business. They seem to understand the power this has to build loyalty.

As part of the new initiative, there will be several locations in the Blackhawks home arena where fans can drop in during games and offer feedback. These spots will be staffed by members of the team’s fan club, the Blackhawks Standbys as well as team employees.

My question for the team is: Are you doing enough?

Remember, when you seek to engage your customers, one rule is to make customer feedback easy and convenient. So, does this new program meet this requirement?

At first glance, I’d say “no”.

Think about it. How many people want to take time out of a game to give feedback?

To make this program most effective, the team needs to offer more ways for fans to give feedback that fit into the fan’s world, rather than requiring them to take time and effort to come to a specific location during a game.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Put signs and posters throughout the the arena with an email, phone number and web address fans can use for feedback
  • Put the same information on the game programs, tickets and other hand held materials
  • Include it in some of their advertising
  • Display it on the scoreboard during the game
  • Make several announcements during the game
  • Announce it on their website
  • Have “feedback people” posted at various kiosks throughout the arena during games
  • Create an iPhone and Android application for feedback

In other words, have many ways to offer feedback and promote them in many ways. Make it obvious to fans how easy and convenient it is for them to share their ideas with the team.

They can certainly do more than they seem to be. But what they’re doing is a good start. And it demonstrates that they want customer feedback. They’ve made it part of their business. That’s the most of important first step.

So, kudos to the ‘Hawks for their “Fan Voice” program. Let’s hope it gets bigger and better.