Do it because you care

Do it because you care

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

We all have the ability to deliver Amazing customer service to every customer every time. More than that, we have the obligation. Yet, as we all know, this is more an ideal than a reality.

Managers, experts, authors, trainers and countless others suggest reason for this. And we offer solutions to overcome this. Some are effective. Others, as my niece would say…not so much.

But there is one thing we can all do to help us deliver better service more often. And it’s not hard.

All we have to do is care.

If we care, it’s easy to remember to be nice, to remember people’s names, to listen, to offer solutions, to focus on them and to do all the things that create Amazing customer service.

When you care, Amazing customer service is easy. And you don’t need a seminar or workshop to get started!

Holiday Message

If you’re in the USA (like me) you’ll probably be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. I will resume the Daily Dose next Monday.