Black Jack Pizza Should Win a Customer Service Award

Black Jack Pizza Should Win a Customer Service Award
 On a recent YouTube jaunt, I found this “customer service” video. It’s funny because of the setup. The “caller” is Jack Nicholson or rather select audio clips of big Jack from his movies. The clips are inserted into the phone call skillfully enough that two employees at this pizza place believed it was a real person calling.

But beyond funny, it’s also instructional. The employees in this call are very good. They never get upset or rude with “Jack”. They never hang up. They stay with him and try to accommodate his requests. But they’re also consistent in what they ask of him – so they can help him.

By the end of the call, these employees have shown amazing patience, calm and grace under fire. They focused on helping the caller and on connecting with him. They refrained from emotional diversions such as getting angry or lashing back at him.

Too many employees these days think it’s about them. They bring bad attitudes to work. They focus on their needs and emotions rather than on helping the customer. Many people would have handled this call quite differently. They would have gotten angry. They might have said unkind or unprofessional things to the caller. They probably would have hung up.

But not these two. They handled themselves very well. I was impressed. And their manager(s) should be too.

Watch this video and listen to the call. Watch how the employees handle themselves. Then ask yourself (be honest), how would you have handled this call? What would your employees have done in this situation?

What do you think? How did the employee do? What would you have done differently if you were in their shoes?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz