Be the customer you’d want to work with

I was standing in line at my favorite sub shop. I cringed every time the guy next to me spoke. “I want tomatoes, onions and hot mustard.” Seconds later: “Gimme more pickles.” And then “Make sure you don’t get that other stuff on my sandwich.” (Exactly what “other stuff” did he mean??)

In a five minute stretch he gave two commands, issued four orders and made three extra requests. He did it all with a sour look on his face and not a “thank you” or “please” in sight. Not once did he even try to sound conversational, courteous or cheerful.

He treated the sub shop employee worse than I treat my dog. Of course my dog gets royal treatment in our house, but you get the idea.

The first rule of Amazing Customer Service is to treat everyone well. This applies to customers as well as employees. Remember this because karma counts. When you are the customer, make someone’s day and be the customer you would want to work with.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz