Be an Amazing Listener

Kevin’s Amazing Customer Service rule# 14:

Be an Amazing Listener

In a survey my company did recently, the number one thing customers said they wanted more of was better listening by the people they deal with.

This survey reflects a major weakness in how most organizations treat their customers. Listening skills are not a high priority for many people or their employers.

But they should be.

Better listening means better communication. Better communication means better relationships and a better ability to know what your customers want. This helps you serve them better.

Here is a tool that can help you and your company improve your listening skills. I call it “How to Be an Amazing Listener”. It’s a Listening Skills Evaluation plus “8 Steps to Amazing Listening”.

Click here to download “How to Be an Amazing Listener.”

Make as many copies of this assessment as you want. Have every employee in your company take it. (People can self-evaluate. If you want more detailed results, have people who work together evaluate each other.)

Then start working on improving people’s listening skills. In another 30 days, have everyone take the evaluation again. Note who has the most improvement. Then, in staff meetings, talk specific things employees can do to continue to improve their listening skills.

Improve your employee’s listening skills and you will have more loyal customers. I guarantee it.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz