We choose our attitudes and our actions

Here is your Daily Dose of Amazing Service:

We choose our attitudes and our actions

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

In just about every customer service training session I do, I hear someone say this (or something like this):

“It’s hard to be cheerful all the time because some customers make me so angry.”

People who say this are often guilty of treating customers (and others) poorly because they feel bad. Their emotional state is negative and it comes out in everything they do.

But when working with customers we shouldn’t act out how we feel, unless our feelings are appropriate to the situation.

Remember, customers come to us to accomplish something. They do not show up on our doorstep just so we have an opportunity to express how we feel through our actions. Our actions need to focus on helping our customers, not on how we feel.

How we behave is 100% within our control. Believing this is the first step to providing Amazing Service to every customer every time.