Award Winning Customer Service

Award Winning Customer Service: 101 Ways to Guarantee Great Performance

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Delivering top-of-the-line customer service is Job #1 for most companies, an important factor in keeping profits high and customers coming back. Customer service problems can damage not just a company?s reputation but its bottom line, so for busy managers — and business owners with little time to search for solutions — some fast help is needed.

Award-Winning Customer Service offers scores of quick tips for readers looking to improve and then maintain their company?s level of customer service. The book is chock full of practical advice on important topics such as:

* planning and goal setting * effective communication * leadership * preparing for change * continual learning * coaching and development * effective feedback * motivational and problem-solving meetings * conflict resolution * follow-up and staying on top of the game * and more.

Containing 101 effective tips in all, unique “When this happens, try this” sections, and encouraging quotes, this is an essential reference for anyone who needs guidance or just a refresher on making customers feel truly valued.


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3 Responses to “Award Winning Customer Service”

  1. Sharon Randolph-Parker says:


    In the business market today, change is certain. Businesses MUST stay ahead of the competition. The way to do that is providing great customer service. This book is exceptional in developing your valuable employees into top-notch representatives by simple, easy-to-follow tips. Your management employees will also benefit with outstanding coaching and feedback techniques.

  2. Michelle Ako says:


    As a small business owner this book has been an invaluable resource.

    It is full of practical, easy to implement advice for both employees and managers.

    If you want to be your customer’s #1 choice and give great service, this is the must buy book!

  3. Barbara M. Klein says:


    I received this book in a timely manner and the book was in excellent condition.

    Although I haven’t yet had time to read this book, the service was Excellent.

    Many thanks.

    With Best Regards,

    Dave Klein.

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