ranked as a top customer service website

Recently I got an email from the innovative people at Invesp Consulting. They told me my website ( was recently listed in their Blog Rank as a top customer service blog.

Of course this got my attention.

So I spent a few minutes looking around and I like what I saw. It’s fun to be ranked near the top of my profession and listed shoulder to shoulder with the “big dogs” in this field. The ranking I like most is the one that shows popularity, specifically, number of visitors every month. On that list ranks #6. (If the numbers they use were more accurate it would rank higher but that’s okay.)

Mostly I liked it because it affirms that what I’m doing here has value and is important. But it’s it’s just one of many things that affirm this. The feedback I get from YOU is far more important because it comes from people who use the information I offer. I create and share it but you make it work.

So thanks for reading my content at this website. You’ve helped make it the 6th most popular customer service blog on the Internet. And I’m glad you’re here!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz