Always Give Them Something

Amazing Customer Service Rule# 38:

Always give them something.

One of the biggest challenges when serving our customers is when they want (or need) something we can’t do. It’s frustrating for us because we want to help them. It’s frustrating for them because they’re not getting what they want.

But we can turn this challenging situation into a positive experience for everyone. We do that by always giving our customers something, even when we can’t do exactly what they ask.

This is all about offering options, alternatives and suggestions. And, it’s about asking questions and providing solutions.

You probably face the same (or similar) challenging situations on a recurring basis, situations where you can’t do what your customer asks. Make a list of these “no” situations. Talk to your co-workers and combine your list with theirs.

Then develop alternatives or suggestions you can offer customers in these situations. Get your co-workers together and brainstorm as many solutions as you can to offer your customers.

Also, ask your customers questions. Try to discover if there is another solution that will help them (something you CAN do). Be a problem solver and a solution creator. Your customers will appreciate your efforts and they’ll reward you with their loyalty.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz