Amazing Customer Service Resource:

Here’s a web resource that has useful customer service information, and a whole lot more. Actually it has over 6,000 articles and other resources for small businesses.

It’s called and it’s a free service of Winmark Business Solutions. Winmark is a Minnesota company that offers franchise, leasing and other services to their small business clients. They’ve been doing it for many years and they’ve developed a solid reputation.

So they decided to move some of their expertise online, giving them the ability to help more businesses than ever before. The result is a handy web resource that combines articles, tools, forms and business-flavored social media. And, I believe it’s the biggest such resource based in Minnesota.

One thing I like about this website is you can post questions and expect answers. And they are adding subject matter experts who will monitor questions and respond. So over time this will become an even better resources.

Take moment and surf on over to WBSOnline. Do some searches on topics that interest you and see what you find. There’s a wealth of knowledge there.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz