Always close the loop

Recently I submitted a help ticket to a company about a problem with their product. It was not a critical issue but one that needed fixing. After reviewing the issue they marked it as “resolved”.

But they never told me it was resolved. And they didn’t tell me how to apply the fix.

So, from where I stood, the problem was not resolved. Not even close.

The problem was, they focused solely on fixing the problem. They forgot about communicating with their customer. Sure, they fixed the problem. But they never told anyone it was fixed or how to apply the solution.

A better way would have been to post a note in their help desk system that the problem was fixed and include instructions on how to apply the fix. In fact, they did exactly this AFTER I asked why they marked the issue “resolved” with no information on the resolution.

Fixing the problem is never enough.

To deliver Amazing customer service, you have to communicate with your customers along the way.  Don’t make them come back to you (repeatedly) to find out the status. Don’t make them ask you how to use the solution you provide. Go to them.

A customer service issue is never resolved until you close the loop.