213 Best Customer Service Quotes Now Available

213 Best Customer Service Quotes Now Available

Quotes are valuable. They are knowledge, and wisdom and insight. They offer us the opportunity to learn through others. And they are great tools to reinforce and reaffirm what we already understand. Sometimes hearing the words of a famous or successful person is enough to help us accept an idea and put it into action.

Since I like quotes and I use them often, I decided to create a resource that combines the power of quotes with a topic I am passionate about: customer service.

This free resource is available to anyone who is interested in improving customer service. It’s a custom compilation of over 200 high quality customer service quotes from authors, celebrities, athletes, business executives, and other thinkers from around the world.

It is (I believe) the largest resource of its kind. I have selected these quotes because I think they offer a great deal of wisdom, insight and experience that we can all use.

Anyone who is interested in improving customer service should find value here. This includes employees who work with customers as part of most of their job. It also includes team leads, supervisors, managers and higher level management people who are tasked with raising the level of service for their organization.

This resource is also good for professionals such as customer service speakers, trainers, authors and consultants.

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The article was written by Kevin Stirtz