Don’t Burden Your Customers

Here is your Daily Dose of Amazing Service:

Don’t burden your customers.

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

Often in our quest to get things done (for our customers as well as ourselves) we unthinkingly put an extra burden on our customers. For example, a hotel catering person called me to confirm an event I had planned for the next day. All the details had already been finalized. No changes had been made. Yet in her voice mail she asked me to call her to confirm everything one last time.

This seems harmless enough. It seems she was doing me a favor by reconfirming the event and details. But she was actually asking me to to more work. She SHOULD have said: “Please call me only if anything has changed.” That would have fit the situation better and it would not have been asking me to do more work.

As you interact with your customers today, this about what you’re asking them to do. Is it really necessary? Or is there another way that does not require them to take action?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz